Night Nectar Review – Wild Source Apothecary

Night Nectar Review – Wild Source Apothecary


Hi Peeps, welcome back to my blog!

Today is my first ever blog post on which I am doing a review on a face oil! It’s not just about any face oil, it’s the current face oil I am so deeply attached since July and this is why I wanted to review it. So I can share it with you and tell you how incredible is the oil and all this blabla, but also tell you what effects it has on my skin and why.


The bit about the Brand:


If you want to know why I support local brand, head to my previous blog post and where I also talk a little about the brand!

But if you are lazy to make a click (which I completely understand), here is what I know of Wild Source Apothecary as a brand.

WildSourced Apothecary has been created by Kate, and she is the one, with her little hands, who creates all her fabulous items. Thanks to her knowledge in Ancient Aromatherapy and Blending, she has managed to create a range of effective, calming, yet unique products. All her products are ethically made (aka she makes them herself), organic and sustainably sourced. Of course they are vegan and non tested on animals!

All her oils, powders and essential oils are filled in glass jar that are recycable. She is about to lauch her own unique blue yin goodnight bath oil, which is exciting!

Wild Source Apothecary turned one year last month and I wish Kate good luck as a female entrepreneur and I am sure she is doing amazingly well. A good example for all of us ladies out there!


The Night Nectar face oil:


I discovered Kate’s brand on Instagram. It is actually an excellent nich for independent brands and this is very often how I discover unique and local brands!

As I was looking for a night face oil to use last summer, I thought I shall get one of hers, taking on a 10% discount offer when signing in her newsletter.

She offers two oils with very different blends (I will talk about the second oil later).

I decided to get the Night Nectar in a 50ml jar (which would last me ages as it is a quite larger amount that the normal 30ml format we get).


What’s inside?

Kate describes the face oil as deeply nourishing, A penetrating formula that supports cell renewal. It combines Chia Seed Oil, the Prickly Pear and Rosehip Oil to plump, soften and give a dewy and glowy complexion.

Chia Seed Oil, which comes in 1st in the list of ingredients, is full of fatty acids. It will help plump your skin, helps to maintain the moisture level as well as nourishing your skin. Maintaining a good hydration for you skin means less fine lines and wrinkles.

Prickly Pear is famously known for its little miracles, brightening the skin, calming inflammation, restorating its elasticity…so many benefits and this is probably why I so much love my face oil, compared to any other I have tried before.

Also in the Night Nectar comes the Baobab Oil, excellent for regenerating and healing the skin. Some Jojoba Oil to keep the skin calm and confortable.

Last but not least of the oils is the Rosehip Oil. You have probably heard a lot of this oil in the natural skincare World in the past few years as it is called to be a miracle oil (Pai Skincare best seller face oil for example). I tried before Rosehip Oil and I am probably one of the few peoples (if they actually exist) that did not notice a massive amount of improvement on their skin. Yep, I know. It might be an aberration in the Green Beauty World but unfortunately, my type of skin is no a huge fan (yet). Rosehip Oil is however a fantastic oil, containing lots of fatty acids to nourish dry skin and is a fast absorbing oil.

Two essential oils make such a calming and soothing scent, being the Lavender and the Frankincense.


Why is it good?

Compared to other oils that I have tried before, this shows to be of a better quality. oil in terms of consistency, texture and feeling.

Why? Because few drops and a little bit of massaging means the face oil is absorbed fast into the skin, leaving a nice soft little touch. It does not feel greasy (even thought it is said to be a night oil) as it absorbs completely. It’s also a nice little treat to put it on the face with its soft smell.

The next morning, my skin feels nourished, balanced and even toned. No redness, no spots, just as it should be. My skin is nourished and has never looked so good, even with the cold coming. To be honest, I feel more confident now with my skin and I don’t really put a lot of foundation.


Its price:

This does not come so cheap (£35), but we have to consider that the oil comes in a 50ml (more than the usual 30ml) and that it comes from an ethical brand and is handmade. I think it’s an excellent value for money as I litterally apply two to three drops every night and having used since July, I have two third left in my bottle. I am happy to pay a little more if it is to support a local brand.

Check the face oil here :


The Miracle Oil:


I have not been so much willing in testing the Miracle Oil because of its high level of Rosehip Oil. I am not so sure my skin will show an improvement because of it. However, I am still keen on trying a little as it contains interesting ingredients such as the Safflower Oil (promotes elasticity, reducing appearance of wrinkles and is excellent for acne prone skin), Thistle Oil (very high in omega 3&6) and Ylang-Ylang flower oil.


This is why I got it as a Christmas present for my Mummy (I will be able to sneakly take a little bit with me so I can test it and get my thoughts on it).

Hope you enjoyed reading! I probably have missed few points but this is in general what I wanted to share with my Wild Source Apothecary night time oil. Thanks Kate!


To check her website, head to





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