This is happening! Big day Big Challenge

This is happening! Big day Big Challenge
Bonjour le Monde!

Today is actually THE DAY (or maybe the week…) my blog is going live, and I cannot believe it! This is something I have been thinking for years and I was always doubting myself that I would ever do anything. I hope to keep going for many years, and I hope you will find some interesting stuff, from green beauty, to clean lifestyle, stopping by some personalΒ development (we all need to work a little bit on this, don’t we?).

If you are interesting in those subjects, if you like my writing style (which I hope will get better over time), then please have a look at my blog and enjoy! Please leave comments, advices, or anything you would like to share with me back, I am curious!

Happy day everyone, and speak to you soon!


PS: I believe this is not just a blog about green beauty. I do like this topic, but there is so many more things that need to be shared and talked about, so please do not think that is just one of those, because it is not. I want to raise my voice and other people to do too. Let’s bring a better World!

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