September Bullet Journal

September Bullet Journal


Yes indeed, we are already in September 2018. Which means only one (massive) thing! Christmas is COMING!!!

I am always so impressed but also so afraid of how fast the time is flying…the more you get old, the faster it gets!

Because September is synonymous to renew, changes, resolutions and big challenges (hello new school class), I decided to finally publish my blog, get into a correct and dedicated routine, get better at yoga, and be organised with the help of my bullet journal. Therefore this month I decided to share it with you. I only started back in July so the whole concept is new to me but I am getting used to.

For those of you who have no clue what a bullet journal is, well, it’s just fu**** great. It’s a “homemade” planner, track anything of your day, and making yourself organised for the future. If you are one of those who love planners but sometimes find frustrating to get the best one for your needs, well you will love bullet journaling.


Why is it awesome:

It’s literally YOUR planner, your way so the BEST way. You just need to buy a blank notebook (more precisely a dot blank journal) that you can prepare it yourself with tables and templates. You can make it as you want it to be so it can help you organise your life as best as possible. There is lots around there and many systems and methods used that I am yet to discover.

You can use any pens, pencils, effects and colours you want and use the calligraphy you love most (thousands to choose from). I have bought so far the Tombow Dual Brush pens, the Tombow Fudenosuke (my favourite because it is so simple) and some Staedlers (I use the black to do EVERYTHING).

For now I am making simple little templates and pages that I will present to you today. I have chosen for the month of September some leaves and autumnal colours.

I get all my ideas and inspirations Pinterest. You know, this pretty awesome website, used by millions of people. It is the best for ideas, inspiration and beautiful things to look at. Most of the drawings that you can find on there are quite easy to copy and everybody can do at their own sauce.

On the next pages after the month presentation page I like to track down my mood, exercises, anything you want to check you are doing on a daily routine and are sticking to it.

I also like to put some spaces for when I get ideas etc for Instagram and the blog.

You could add food trackers, graph sleep trackers, a table of your expenses, how much water drunk… anything you want.


The next pages are then each day of the month laid out as a double page per week. Again you do as you like ( 1 page a day, 1 page a week etc).

And then you just work with your journal.

There are lots of blogs or YouTube channels specialised out there that you can follow:, I really like (blog and YouTube channel in French but does not really matter if you look at her bullet journal) , Amanda’s blog and YouTube channel, Bulledop Channel and so many more.


Dark side of it:

The downside to Bullet Journal is that you need to dedicate yourself and spend time drawing and making your bullet journal. But this time lost is balanced with the time you gain at organizing yourself and be less stressed.


The journal I am using is the most famous one: the LEUCHTTURM 1927. I am however not entirely sure I would recommend it. It is made in China and the pages are quite thin. But if you don’t want to spend ages looking at journals and you are not very fussy then this one should be just fine.




If you like drawing, doodling, organising yourself and having a planner, maybe you might like bullet journals? Or have you already got one? Let me know in the comments!



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