I bought a reusable water bottle

I bought a reusable water bottle

And why did I do so?

Let me start by a “did you know that“:

  • a million of plastic bottles are bought every minute in the World (????)
  • around 13 billion of plastic bottles are used every year in the UK but only half of it are recycle…
  • it takes 500 years to degrade plastic. And it does not disappear just like dust. It gets smaller and smaller until it becomes a tiny tiny little piece, which then gets washed off and goes to the ocean.
  • so guess what? It finishes in your plate…
  • about 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers etc


Do you also know about the two massive patches of garbage in the Pacific Ocean? This highway of trash is called the Great Pacific garbage patch. It is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the World. How big are those patches? The biggest is the size of Texas. So something like the whole France + 2/3 of UK. Yup.
Well…that should all put us off buying plastic no?


Maybe you would say..”I know this, but it does not actually affect me.”
It does. If you don’t see anything now, it’s only because you can’t see it literally. The plastic in the Ocean is visible when you are on holiday, in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Indonesia… The plastic in the ocean finishes in your plate, in your body and intoxicates you. Your kids. Your family.


But guess what? We invented genius alternatives. Bamboo tooth brushes, metal straws, glass or stainless steel containers, reusable bags, reusable water bottles, the list goes on.


The change

And one of the things that I use quite often, and I need every time I am going into town etc, is water. So I decided to get my own reusable water.
I then did not need to specifically get some water bottles in groceries, I am not thirsty anymore and have water with me at anytime. I can also take in account that in the long term, I am saving money.
Going to an airport for example and getting two bottles of water costs something like 3 to 4 pounds. Now I just go and refill it in a water fountain or restaurant and don’t pay anything.


This trend is more and more popular these days, as I saw that now around 1/3 of British people using a reusable water bottle, which is fantastic! So let’s keep the good work!


Tap water Versus Natural sources

Also comes the question of drinkable water. The reason behind people buying plastic water bottles might be that they don’t want to drink tap water.
However it does drive me mental when I see someone buying a pack of 6 water bottles. What’s wrong with tap water?
We shall maybe remind that water in plastic bottle is no better than the one going out of the tap. Just check all the toxins from the plastic getting in the water…


Where I got my bottle

For info, I wanted to get a Qwetch reusable water bottle, only because it is a French Company that I wanted to support, and also because their bottles are made out of stainless steel. It means that they are insulated, the cold being kept for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.
The Kind Store. (https://www.thekindstoreonline.co.uk/) is the store you need to go to for reusable water bottles and anything related to plastic free, zero waste and eco friendly products. Check this website because the founder knows what she is talking about and proposes products we can trust!


I hope this little post gave you an insight of why I got my reusable water bottle.
Please let me know if this post has helped you a little to make a decision on getting a reusable water bottle!





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