October Bullet Journal

October Bullet Journal

I am well over past the time to share my October Bullet Journal but here we are finally!


Halloween is coming

This is no surprise that this month theme is Halloween! Even if I consider myself not being an actual huge fan of it, I do enjoy watching people dressing up and putting some scary makeup on their faces, always funny and nicely dine!

Presentation page
Let’s begin with the presentation page of the month, with a huge moon that I colored using yellow and orange pastels to create this soft yet intense effect. Some scary easy to draw houses and here we are for the spooky effect! (it did transfer to the left page…)

Mood tracker and monthly tracker
My mood tracker was a quick and easy one to create and represents well the theme I think!

For my monthly tracker, I chose this time to organize it in a table. I will see how I get on with it as I am not the best at keeping up to date all the information on there!

Weekly page
I used boxes to separate the days on the weekly page and a little space for a To-Do list.


Facts about October

The name of October comes from the Latin “oct” for eight. Back in the Roman Kindgom, it was the eight month of the Romulus calendar year. Romulus was the legendary first ruler of Rome and he is the one supposed to have introduced this calendar around 700B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). They seemed to have completely ignored the 61 days remaining, which fell in the middle of winter. January and February have been added by the Roman ruler Numa Pompilius around 425B.C.E. to create the 12-month year.


Did you know that, in each Hemisphere, October is the seasonal equivalent of April in the other?

Few interesting dates:
October 15, 1917 – Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari is executed for espionage in France.
October 31, 2011 – The population of the world is said to have officially reached seven billion on this date. Wahou!!
October 18, 1867 – Alaska officially changes from Russian to US control. It was sold for $7.2 million but I think it is worth much more than that…
October 3, 1990 – Germany is officially re-united.
October 28, 1886 – The Statue of Liberty is officially dedicated near New York City, and was gifted from France to USA

October’s flower is the Calendula and october’s animal is the owl! One of October’s Birthstone is the Opal (Hope).


To finish, October is also a little special as it is my boyfriend and myself, our Anniversary on the 31th…it will be 4 years together this year!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Is October special or particular to you too?




Sources: Wikipedia; http://www.webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-roman.html; https://history.state.gov/milestones/1866-1898/alaska-purchase

Credits of the pictures: unknown, please let us know if you know the artist.

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