My Shampoo Bar Recipe

My Shampoo Bar Recipe

Hello dear fellows!

This week I will show you how I realise my own shampoo bar for which I am super proud of! πŸ˜€


The original recipe


When I discovered how easy it was to make your own shampoo bar thanks to “Naturellement Lyla”‘s youtube video, I decided that I shall make it myself too!
The original recipe can be found here:


Her recipe includes only 5 ingredients: 60g Tensioactif SCI, 10g Shikakai powder, 20g vegetal oil, 10g water and 15 to 20 drops of essential oil.

Because she uses a lot of SCI, which can be a little irritant after a while, and because my scalp is quite sensitive, I decided to check out if I could modify a little to have less SCI and more active ingredients.


The modified recipe



Here I put 5g of clay, 5g of nettle powder and 5g of Shikakai. The glycerin, floral water and vinegar can also be added at that point.
Mix well (I use a silicone spatula) as the mixture is very thick and make sure it is homogeneous.


Active ingredients and essential oils:
It’s now time to take the mix out of the fire. Let it cool down while you prepare the active ingredients.
Here I am adding 2.5g of “Maca Vital” and 2.5g of “Keratine protect”.
  • The active ingredient Maca Vital contains Maca roots that are said to have revitalizing ans stimulating properties. It helps hair growth and can improve the stress resistance in hair bulbs.
  • The Aromazone Keratine Protect is prepared from brown algae extracts. It protects against the heat and dehydration, bringing shine and softness to the hair.


The last ingredient to add to the mix is essential oil. I usually go for two different ones to have a nice aroma.
  • I love the Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) essential oil for its purifying properties (aka great for oily hair). It is also great at stimulating the scalp and promoting hair growth.
  • I also really like the Wild Mint (Mentha arvensis) essential oil for its refreshing and calming smell.
  • My obvious go-to of all time is the Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia). From fighting against alopecia to its antibacterial properties, it has obvious calming and destressing effects that I enjoy so much under the shower.


Once all ingredients have been added and all mixed together, it it time to put the preparation into the silicone mold. 
And leave the shampoo dries for the next 48hours:

The final recipe is as below:


I hope you enjoyed the recipe, let me know if it makes you want to create your own shampoo bar! If so, let me know and we can work out a customer recipe for you :).



9 thoughts on “My Shampoo Bar Recipe”

  • I have tried one of Manon’s dry shampoos and I was impressed with it. It makes a nice foam, cleans very well and it leaves a very nice texture to the hair. It also has a very subtle and delicate smell. And of course, it is all natural – no chemicals at all. Well done, Manon! Congratulations for your passion and for your skills!

  • This recipe sounds fabulous! I’m going to make some of this before my current shampoo runs out, I can’t wait to try it. Than you for sharing Manon :0)

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! I have never tried with honey because of the consistency but it is a very good idea! Both of the maca and KΓ©ratine have a strange texture so you could try and add honey to it! Maybe just few ml (max 5). I think it should not affect the shelf life of the shampoo but you can add a bit more preservative just in case πŸ™‚ hope it helped! I might tried with honey on my next shampoo! Will let you know πŸ™‚

  • looks like a great recipe and i’m dying to try it!
    Questions dear: In your steps you say you added 15g of powders AND clay? or is it 15g of powders PLUS 5g of clay?
    And what is the consistency of your shampoo bar – is it pretty hard, or softer?
    and one last one – have you tried using a butter, instead of oils? (like a shea or mango butter, for dryer hair?)
    thank you!

    • Hey Suzanne, thanks for your comment! ~Sorry I meant 15 g of powder and clay all included! So usually I do 5g of clay, and a total of 10g in different powders πŸ™‚
      The shampoo bar is solid hard but the last one I did was a little soft, cause I think I put too much oil, so for something very hard, I would put a little less oil (try 3 to 5g to start) and more water or water based product πŸ™‚
      I am sure you can use butter as an oil, cause you will just put it in the bain-marie and it will become liquid like oils!
      Hope my comment helps a little ahah, I need to perfect my recipe but if you want to do as above, just make sure it dries well (3 days at least). It does not break when you use it in the shower πŸ™‚

      Bisous πŸ™‚

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