November Bullet Journal

November Bullet Journal

Here comes another month of BUJO already!


Can you believe we are already on November? No? Me neither!


Time has been flying super fast and I can’t believe 2018 is coming to an end already so soon.

Maybe because we have been a little busy this year, maybe because we don’t see the days going by. With the arrival of my little niece on the 23rd of December last year, I went to visit my sister 4 times this year already (nephew’s birthday was a mandatory visit too).

We have also been to  France, on holidays to Kefalonia, Amsterdam and Cambodia this year! Not to forget the little trip to Italy I did back in April (it was a disaster since I got ill for nearly a day…out of 2,5 days trip…). Lots of travelling and lots of nice things and places we have seen!


Mushrooms and clouds

For this month theme, clouds and mushrooms decided to invite themselves into my bullet journal.

The main four colours of this month are light purple, grey, light brown and woody rose.


After the front page, the second page includes an extract from a French Poem “Le soleil froid donnait un ton rose au grésil” from Francois Coppé (idea from Pinterest).

Le soleil froid donnait un ton rose au grésil. 

Et le ciel de novembre avait des airs d’avril.

translating into

The cold sun gave a pink tone to the sleet.

And the November sky looked like April.

I think it’s perfectly describing November’s month, a mix of cold sunny days and cold rainy days :).



November Tracking

I decided this month that I would not put a mood tracker, because I most of the time forget to add anything on it and don’t have the colours with me (I am not a real BUJO expert user yet… maybe one day!).

Instead I made my second November page a simple yet effective Activity tracker. I go much more to that one everyday since I like to know how I am doing with excercising, instagram and blog and it helpps to see how I have been doing during the month.


Weekly pages

I am testing another layout for my weekly pages, and this one is more easy and simple to realise.

On the left I put the weekly events table, even thought my life is not super busy I like to know in advance any rendez-vous, appointments, dinners etc. I definitely would like to organise myself better (ie programm myself some specific time for tasks every day and be able to respect that) so it would save me time and stress, but I am not sure this layout works well as I might need some more space.


I also write 3 good things daily, that can be what happened that day or 3 things I am grateful for, and if nothing good happened (go away negativity), then I try to turn it into something positive :D.


On the right, I have added a little monthly calendar (so I can realise how fast the month is going!) and a weekly quote to get some inspiration and positive vibes!



Facts about November

I personally find November to be a long, cold, dark and sad month (all that at least XD). Since we change our clocks backwards, the evenings become dark around 4.30 – 5pm.

And with the 1st of November and the 11th of November being both bank holidays in France, there are not so happy bank holidays since the 1st is the day of the deads and the 11th means the Armistice of the First World War.

The 5th of November is a special day here in UK for Bonfire Day. And its origin is actually religious (I guess nobody needs an historical lesson since most of my readers are in UK, but if you don’t have a clue about Bonfire night, I will give you a history lesson :D). I find Bonfire to be like our 14th of July with fireworks and fun fairs (nothing religious about it as it means the End of the French Monarchy).


Apart from that, the Christmas atmosphere also starts in November which is an exciting thing! I shall maybe start a Christmas gift list here and I already have my eyes on two sets of pens… The Tombow Dual Brush Pen set in Pastels and the Sakura Pigma Micron drawing pens set. I will try to get them at the end of this month to make a nice December Bullet Journal. If not, a nice 2019 one!


Hope you enjoyed this little post about bullet journaling and that it gave you some entertainment and ideas to create your own bullet journal!


As always, thanks for reading!





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