December January Bullet Journal + 2019 Presentation

December January Bullet Journal + 2019 Presentation

And…welcome back !


Yes I know, it has been a while since I posted anything on here, probably about a month or so. It has been pretty very crazy last month with Christmas, wedding dress shopping etc, work course, that I did not take the time to come back here.

It feels weird, but putting yourself into a schedule and timeline makes pressure and it does not feel very enjoyable. So getting out of here and not having to feel obliged to post things every week was kinda a relief. That is why I am currently asking myself if I should continue or not. You probably think I have not been long here so how could I really know? I don’t is the answer XD.

My problem is (and I am sure I am not the only one out there like this), that I cannot commit to a new activity, a new “passion” without having to push myself. This is the real definition of myself being lazy! So, in order not to give up after 2 weeks of starting something new, I need to push myself to commit to it. Even if it something that I really like.

Take the activity of reading, for example. I know I love it. But I have been so lazy recently that the only thing I really like is buying the book and having in mind the perspective that I will love the content.ย  But I am too lazy to start reading it.

Same with writing blog posts or Instagram posts. I know which content I would like to create, but don’t really have the knowledge/energy to do it. So I don’t.

Let’s see and stop on this negative emotion..should I try to make this a 2019 resolution??? :D. To follow.



As part of me being lazy, I did not do the last month post of my bullet journal. I thought I would show you that December month at the time as the January one.

December was obviously a nice Christmassy month and I added lots of gold and silver details on each page.

The presentation page was quick and easy to do with some doodles that kinda look like trees with a star on top.

For the written bit, I used my usual Staedler Triplus fineliner and I accentuated the December letters with a black Tombow. for the silver finish, I used a Papermania Fluid Metallic Brush Marker. For all the colours in my journal, I use either my tombows or a very similar brand called Kuretake.


This double-page shows the monthly calendar and activity tracker, for which this month I made simple.


I added a little fun page where I thought it would be interested to put any ideas that come to mind and any progress on our wedding organisation, but I was not very good at keeping on top off it.


The weekly planner was also quite easy to realise, with frosty details, trees and snowflakes. The top left month layout is good to keep track of whereabout we are in the month.


2019 Presentation Page


And yes! We are already in 2019! Last year has gone crazy fast and I still can’t believe it’s now January now.

I was quite lazy creation speaking for the beginning of the year so I totally followed the bullet journal videos from “Les Astuces de Margaux”. I already talked about her on my first blog post about bullet journals but I can tell you that she is a talented French blogger/youtuber and provides lots of tips and ideas on how to create your own bullet journal. And don’t worry if you can’t understand French, following her drawings does not require any language skills ๐Ÿ˜‰ (her youtube channel isย

I really like the theme and all the details around it, including moons, planets, roses, crystals (I agree mines have a funny shape and colours) and stars.

For the colours above, I used SAI pencilsย ( The pencils have softer brush tips than the Tombows so it is a little harder to work with them. However, once you know how to use them, they are excellent brushes. They can also be used with water to create a nice spreading and shading effects.


Here is the year planner, with important dates, birthdays etc.


Warning: sorry the below is all in French ๐Ÿ˜€

Below is a double-page of inspirations, little ideas, things that I want to achieve during the year, learnings etc.




For January presentation page, we continue to keep in mind the theme and I decided to try myself on a Agate crystal (seen on a piece cut)!

On her video, Margaux makes her agate pieces with aquarelle for a lovely soft effect. As I don’t have aquarelle I did with pencils and pens and it does not look too bad does it? (her January BUJO video:ย


Following is the double page with mood tracker and some doodlers to learn on how to do crystals. The next page is the activity tracker keeping in mind the same theme.


And the last page to show you is the weekly double-page. Get imaginative with crystal to get 7 different ones!

Et voila! Hope you liked this post, and if you have ideas that I can try for February, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚





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