RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Mini Lipstick Set

RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Mini Lipstick Set

Bonjour les amis!

Today I am reviewing the RMS Beauty Lipstick Set that I got few months ago!

Why a lipstick review? Well…who doesn’t like a good lipstick? Btw, Valentines is right next door so it’s probably the best time to talk about lipstick and feminism..and “sexy”sm..and whatever. I just like lipstick and I have a good range now to enable me to compare them and tell you my favourite brands… and RMS Beauty is one of them!


Why we like lipsticks:

  • it makes us feel good, look more alive, confident and attractive (for those special dates …)!
  • it enhances your face, make you feel more womanly (even though we don’t really this – it’s a little ad up!)
  • look at the range of colours we can choose from! It’s mad and awesome, and yes I want to have those fuchsia lips because it looks so sweet!
  • The bold ones, the shiny ones, the matt ones, the sheer ones, just to please everybody!
  • it enhances our eyes
  • talking about eyes, if you are not a huge fan of eye makeup / don’t have time to put makeup, you just need mascara and a lipstick, and hopla it changes it all!
  • we never ever ever can have enough of them!


Why we like to RMS lipsticks:

  • RMS is super cool trendy brand which combines organic and quality
  • The variety of colours in their range means you will find THE Pearl
  • The formula is full of good ingredients
  • Their staying power is very good for natural lipsticks and probably in the top 10 of high performance in the green beauty world
  • Pigments Pigments!


The Mini Set:

  • Comes in 5 different shades from nude to dark red, with an exclusive one (Temptation)
  • Each tube holds 1.8g so it lasts for a while
  • Colours are Unmistakable, Masquerade, Temptation, Jezebel and Nightfall – I think it’s cool to give names to lipsticks no??


This is Jezebel, mid red with a hint of blue so it makes it look slightly purple. With a thin layer you can reach a nice rich red, and with a bit more it turns into a strong bold red. For me this is le Classic red.


Here is Masquerade, I would call it a bright fuchsia pink! That would go to every type of skin as it brights the skin tone.


Nightfall, has got his name for something. Deep dark brownish red.


Here is Unmistakable. I personally find it a little too light for my skin but it is a nice matte light beigy pink nude that can be worn at any time.


Last but not least is Temptation…my favourite! Light mauve, I feel this is between a nude and a more bold colour such as pink.


What to say?

The 5 colours are all matte, as are all RMS lipsticks. They stay well in place even thought you will need to give a little touch every sort of couple of hours but they are excellent quality. Ingredient speaking, it is also excellent, nothing to say apart for a undoubtedly perfect formula.


Is there a little “but”?

Aligning myself with some of my previous posts, I will only say that RMS is an American brand, and I am therefore not supporting the European Economy in some sense. For my own defence, I find RMS is quite unique and I was obviously quite curious about them! They seem to use excellent, well sourced ingredients that are organic too.

Finally, I might say that I find the brand quite pricey here in Europe, as we pay more in our local currency than in USD. But this is probably a different conversation to have…;)



Did you try the set or any of their lipstick? What is your favourite colour?

As always, thanks for reading !




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