March Bullet Journal 2019

March Bullet Journal 2019

Hey folks, here we are, already in March 2019!

2019 is flying pretty much and I am actually happy about this.

I came back to my bullet journal, having left it for February (lazy me, boo xD). I thought I could this time actually use it as an organiser to help me get things done.

For this month, I completely copiedΒ instagram. The Bees are a wonderful theme and perfect for the coming Spring!

I only put “Save the Bees” cause I was not sure about how much space I had, and also because this should be the most important thing in everybody’s mind. It is a reminder of our sad but true reality that we are not taking good care of our Planet Earth and a gentle reminder that we all have to play a part. Even the Bees!


Monthly planner

This is something I really need to use from now on because I need to stop keeping everything in my head (as weird as it may sound it does not do any good! XD).

I differentiate the cases by numbers and I used a colour code for the week-end days so I know whereabout we are in the month.


Weekly planner

For the weekly planner I have just laid out each day and Saturday and Sunday together. The little icons each day are my trackers: for water, activities sport etc (stars), journaling, instagram and blog work. I need to practise more with the writing but I will get there :D!


Current favourite pens

It was nice and easy to draw the little bees and the honeycomb, even nicer than usual as I was using my new Pigma Micron 005 – which is a 0.20mm. It is so precise, I love it!

Below are the three pens I use for doing my bullet journal. The two Pigma Micron 03 and 005 ad the Tombow Calligraphy pen are just enough and perfect!


The importance of the bees…and any other insects

We might have been told over and over again, we might have read that only last week, or we might not know it at all. But bees and the world of insects are keys to our survival. They have a major importance in pollinisation (probably the most and only one) and thanks to them, we can eat fruits and vegetables. I hope our World gets better, cause I would like to be able to eat organically and naturally grown greens of my own. I hope my kids and the future generations will be able to do the same. That’s why we need to make sure we don’t harm the bees, we protect and help them. By buying local and organic products fertiliser free, that’s how we can help. I know this is not easy, I don’t find it personally, but if we think outside of the box and buy seasonal stuff made in our own country, I believe this is already a good step. We can also help them by helping local bee keepers. Local bee keepers look after bees, make colonies and look after them. Instead of buying those unknown mass produced honey liquid bottles (made of mix of sugar and poor quality honey, with exploited bees), please check your local market or local town shop.

Bees are also among the most fascinating animals, with a social structure, very hard working.

I found that article very interesting:Β

I am using very simple words here and could develop and give more examples, but this is ruffly how I summarise in my head why we need to be conscious and stop living the way people could in the 90’s. I am at the very much beginning of a conscious living but I try little steps by little steps.


Have you been using a bullet journal? What was your theme for March?

What are your thoughts on how helping the bees?

As always, thanks for reading!


Have a lovely week,




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