Some green concealers (featuring my humble opinion)

Some green concealers (featuring my humble opinion)

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Let’s continue to deep dive into green makeup! Here as always, I always talk about natural, and most of the time, organic brands.

Today I wanted to share my collection (collected over a little amount of years :D) of concealers that I have. Why do I have so many and I just can’t keep only one? Well, this is because I find my dark circles are…pretty dark! And unfortunately it’s not always easy to get right the first time so I ended up buying few items one after the other.

Today’s post goal is to help a little (at least I try my best) those with dark (and here I mean real dark) circles.


How to help reduce dark circles

Hiding your dark circles with some makeup is one thing, but trying to reduce them is my ultimate goal. Obviously it’s probably impossible to completely get rid of them but techniques and products to reduce them is possible!

Apparently, dark circles come from tiredness (nobody knew about that of course), dehydration (the skin under your eye is much thinner that the rest of your face!), eye strain (get out of that screen!), allergiesheredity (can’t do much about this…) and some other obscure reasons.

So why not trying to get in a better sleep habit, make sure the hydration under our eyes is optimal, not use too much screens, get some allergy tablets and…complain to our genitors about their stupid heredity genes!

Well well, easy said of course but hard to do. I am currently trying to get into the habit of using an eye cream, at least every evening (future review to come). I am also hydrating my skin with some serum (hydration with hyaluronic acid and facial mists).

Sleep has not been very good so results are not at the best. Let’s see in the upcoming weeks!


Consistency of concealers

As you know, you can find concealer in the form of powder, cream, liquid, invisible (alright not very funny). Sometimes I like the liquid ones, sometimes the powder ones, but most of the time, I like working with the a creamy texture. It is just quick and easy to work with the fingers.


Juice Beauty Perfecting Concealer (made in US)

The Juice Beauty concealer comes in a little pot and holds a good size of product (5.5g). I paid about £23 (was in sale) and I think it is a good value for money as you really use a tiny amount.

+: It is a medium to full coverage (and I usually build it up and it works well), that once applied on a skin tends to sit and dry well. The shade I have in 08 Cream goes well with my winter skin tone and I find that you can apply it without foundation as it melts well with the skin. Brighten well the area too. It lasts well through the day (I put my make up early morning about 7 and it stays up until 3pm ish).

-: of course because of the consistency, it tends to go a little in my eye lines, so what I do is apply it, leave for 5 minutes and just do a little touch and add a bit more if needed. In my opinion it needs some setting powder.

Recommended for: those who love a little cream pot, normal to dry skin, who needs a lot of concealer (can be used anywhere on the face).

It will last for reasonable amount of time but I am terrible with any concealer cause I always touch my eyes!


Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer (made in US)

This is another cream concealer, but for which I am not a big fan. And this is simply because the coverage is not enough for me unfortunately.

+: Easy to blend, 2 different colours that you can use separately or blend together.  I feel it is a little bit like a care product as it has got some excellent ingredients (such as avocado oil or moringa butter). The peachy colour helps against the blue-purple of our dark circle (mine is shade 2).

-: the coverage is unfortunately not enough for my under eye! Also I find the staying power is not that fantastic. I unfortunately probably will not be able to finish the product :/ .

Recommended for: those of you who don’t need much of concealer, who like cream texture and have dry skin.

If you are looking for something light that will also hep neutralise your dark circle, that you have a dry skin but not very dark circles, then you can it a try :). It retails for £25 in UK.


Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer (made in UK)

Yikkk! A powder concealer…and an excellent price for its effectiveness!

I like this fine, easy buildable powder and if you were to try a powder concealer, I advise you to go for this one! It is made of literally 5 ingredients, and costs £9 (my colour is Barely Beige).

+: apply it after your face or eye cream, seamless, good staying power, lightens the area. Just super cute and easy to work with their concealer brush. Very buildable as well. It lasts well during the day (up to the afternoon).

-: this colour might be a little too pale for me and I can’t use this concealer if my under eye skin is very dry.

Recommended for: those who love powder texture (or hates cream texture), who like building up layers, who have normal to oily skin, or acne skin.

But I like the feeling and how the thin powder goes on the skin. You can see it!


Purobio Sublime Concealer (made in Italy)

This is a nice and easy liquidy cream and it’s a good concealer for the rest of the skin but under eye (colour number 2)

It retails for about £8 on

+: it is quick and easy to apply thanks to the little applicator. I just sweep it on the skin and adjust the amount applied with my fingers. The creamy texture transforms to a powdery texture (this is the silica in action) so it does not feel too heavy under the eye. The coverage is quite good too and it lasts pretty well during the day (don’t forget that it is quite cheap).

-: I am not sure I can ever wash the applicator? However the most negative point is that it oxidises a little so the colour does not match very well (but is ok for Summer time). The consistency is quite thick so you need to apply thin layers of the product and build it up this way if you need more coverage.

Recommended for: normal to oily skin, those of you who like the creamy to powdery effect. Be careful with the colour as well as it oxidises.

Absolution Le Multi♥Correcteur Christophe Danchaud 

Last but not least…this is my favourite of all, a little gem.

This is a thick liquid/creamy consistency, in a very particular shade…it is the Apricot Universal colour. I hear coming : why this colour it will look disgusting! Well, I thought that too, before having tested it. 

+: Surprisingly for me it works perfectly. The texture is very workable and because it gives that brightness and it is applied on dark area, you don’t notice the colour. It lasts a reasonable amount of time during the day (like the Juice Beauty) but it does not give that dry side effect that the others do. Still, it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not go in the wrinkles.

-: I will say here that due to the texture, it is better to apply some setting powder so it remains in place for a bit longer.

Recommended for: normal to dry skin, those of you who have very dark circles and need a good cover. 

This concealer comes in 10ml for £24, so it is not cheap. But you use such a tiny tiny amount (three tiny tiny little dots under each eye) that it will last for a reasonable amount of time (it will last you longer than the Purobio as you use much less). I have been using it since June last year and I probably have used half of it if that much. 

Here they all are (if you can see as some go seamlessly in the skin and colour match is exact):

Have you tried any of the above? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading and have a good week ahead!



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