Empties #1 – April 2019

Empties #1 –  April 2019

I have managed to collect lots of old products over the past months that I finally finished! So here I give my thoughts on them and as a matter of fact some of them were a little tricky to finish because I did not fell in love with them. But mehh you can’t love everything!

Balm Balm Beauty Balm:

A multipurpose, rich and oiled based, that I used a lot when doing our trip to Iceland! It protected the skin against the cold and the wind and helped to keep it nourished on these very low winter temperatures. I think my skin really likes Borage Oil and when applied at night, I like how unified my skin looks in the morning.

It is oil based with the main ingredients being Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Rosehip and Borage oils. It also has some essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender and Rosemary.

My thoughts : it is a good multipurpose balm, but I am not a huge consumer of balms. This pot being big, I did not finish it all. Unfortunately it seems that it did not last long enough and after 6 months, it smelled a bit urff.

Organic Mascaras:

On this picture is hiding a little favourite of mine, which is the Avril Mascara! Simple, effective, great value for money, does not crease, just Wahou! Of course it is very difficult to get a fair review of mascaras as they are very personal. But! If you have £7 to spare then I recommend the Avril one!
The other mascara is the Boho Green Volume & Green (bought in France) which is also budget friendly (about £12). It was a good mascara, gave a nice natural look, but it did not blow my mind as the Avril does.

Cattier Soin de Jour Nourrissant

I am cheating a little bit cause I have not completely finish this face cream. But on the 50ml I am pretty much towards the end!

Cattier is an accessible French brand with a lot of different products to offer. I have tried before their green clay mask and hair products, they are great value for the price.

My thoughts : this nourishing cream does what it says. It is a nice and thick cream, favourite for winter months, that I mix with my foundation to give a nice glow.

Vapour Organic Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

Vapour Organic is an American brand that I classify as luxurious.

This foundation is oil based so it blends beautifully into the skin and provides a nice glow. Yes you heard me, if you are looking for a dewy skin, this foundation is for you!

My thoughts : I really liked this foundation, I bought that particular one because it was (at that time) the only one in the market with an oil based. The colour (123 for me) was just what I needed to give that little sun-kiss glow. A little goes a long way!

But, and there is a but…because it’s a little pricey, I have over-cautious and now the product is really out of date. I hear you, you can still use a product if it is out of date? The problem now is that the oil has turned, and it stinks! So bye bye beautiful foundation!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Eye make-up remover

Hello to water based eye make-up remover! I wanted to try a separate eye make-up remover because my eyes are bloody dry and don’t always enjoy oil-based make-up remover.

My thoughts : this is a cute beautiful, with a gentle formula that did not irritate or immigrate into the eyes! ++! the downside is that I used it pretty fast (faster that other make-up removers) because you need quite a little bit of products to remove your eye make-up so…

Inika Foundation and Ere Perez sample Carrot Pot (Harmony)

Inika is an Australian make-up brand that has proven many times to be excellent and effective. I bought this foundation in a London Whole Food a while ago, and was please to get the perfect colour match! It is a pressed lightweight powder, light to medium coverage, and it goes well on the skin without looking patchy. I enjoyed that foundation!

The little sample here is the Carrot Pot (Harmony is the Colour) from Ere Perez. I really like the colour (check all the colours here: https://www.gloworganicbrighton.co.uk/collections/ere-perez) The harmony pot is a nice dusty pink that would go on any skin type. It says it can be applied on lips and cheeks, or anywhere else you want. I personally preferred the cheeks and the eyes, as the formulation tends to dry on the lips and sits on them without blending. I am not purchasing the full size yet as I have a lot of blushes to use!

Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion and Body Cream

These two products were gifted to me, and to be honest I probably would not have purchased them myself. Not because I did not like them but because they are not the cleanest option on the market. I however think they are the cleanest products you can get in a Boots shop here in UK.

After having said this, I still used the products, and the nice smell and good nourishment made the experience very pleasant ! I am pleased to have tried Sanctuary Spa products and for the range of price they offer, it is not bad.

This was it for my first post on empties, hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have tried one of the above items!

Speak soon and as always, thanks for reading!



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