Bao Skincare Refreshing Face Wash review

Bao Skincare Refreshing Face Wash review

I am so happy with the Refreshing Face Wash from Bao Skincare that I wanted to talk about it over here and give a review on it.

Who is Bao Skincare:

If you have been following me for a while, then you know I really like Bao Skincare! Here is few reasons why:

  • it is natural, organic and handmade in UK!
  • it is owned by a lovely lady who puts all her heart into making her products
  • few ingredients but just the good ones!
  • made for sensitive skin

I spoke about Beth on this post

Wash your face!

I feel face wash products don’t get enough of the spot light but they are quite important in our skincare routine. They literally clean your face and it is an important step!

My own routine: I only use face wash in the morning, to clean off all of the stuff that has accumulated during the night. It is a stupid feeling but I like it because I feel clean and refreshed for the day ahead.

The Refreshing Face wash:

Texture: The texture is a transparent sticky liquid, as its second ingredient is aloe vera! Glycerin is also part of the product and has a sticky texture.

Smell: it contains sweet orange, neroli, geranium and frankincense essential oils. The aroma that comes out most is the orange and neroli so it is light and refreshing.

Effect: I use one little pump that I then mix with warm water. This is where it gets really interesting! When you rinse it, it leaves that nice smooth effect, that feeling that the skin is hydrating. I am pretty sure the aloe vera is making his effect (coupled to the glycerin). This is why I really appreciate this face wash, because your skin does not feel all dried and dehydrated. It also does not bring any reaction to my sensitive skin and just does the job perfectly!

Ingredients: the list is pretty short and pretty good. There are probably one of two ingredients that are not perfect but they are in a small quantity and for me I think it is safe.

(full list available on

I am happy to have discovered this face wash, that for once, doesn’t dry my skin. The all Bao Skincare range looks really nice too so once I finish my face cream I think I will have try hers. Beths’ all range can be found here:

Are you using face wash? Is there one that you really like? Or do you prefer using soap or no face wash at all? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!

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