Body Oil Review – cut.le.crap.

Body Oil Review – cut.le.crap.


A name that says it all! πŸ˜€

Today is my full review on a new favourite, the Energise Body Oil by cut.le.crap.!

Who is cut.le.crap.?

Maya and Ben, co-founders of the brand, know all about the best and safest ingredients to use for us, our families and the environment. They prone eco-conscious living to reduce our impact on the environment.

cut.le.crap. is all about toxin-free, natural products and sustainable packaging. Just the essential and the best for everybody. They have a range of face oils, creams, facial cleansers, hair and body products.

They even have a very information section on their website on the ingredients they use in their products, and the ingredients best to avoid! (click here for more info).

This is, for me the kind of small, local and ethical business that I want to support and for which we should all go for!

Energise Body oil

I would have never thought having a body oil as a favourite as I am not a big fan of body oils. But here we are. Never say never I suppose!


Let’s focus on the ingredients and understand why the oil is so light weight.

Sunflower Oil: you would not think a lot of Sunflower oil, but in fact it is a very light weight healthy oil, to consume inside and out. It is very rich in fatty acids and in vitamin E. Vitamin E helps the regeneration of cells (excellent for scars), protects the skin against damaging effects of the sun but also against premature aging of the skin. It contains as well a lot of Beta-Caroten, another excellent antioxydant. Sunflower oil is beneficial for acne and dry skin.

Olive Oil: Olive Oil is another excellent oil and contains many vitamins. Because it also contains squalene, it provides an even better antioxydant property than other vegetable oils. Some researches have shown that applying olive oil on the skin after sun bath is excellent could prevent skin cancers. Another property of the oil is anti-bacterial, excellent on acne skin.

Jojoba See Oil: Jojoba Seed oil is one of my favourite oils, because it is non-sticky and blends so well into the skin. Why is that? The properties of this oil are very close to our own skin sebum, which makes it a very effective oil to control and reduce our natural sebum.

The additional ingredients of the body oil are what’s makes that such light and refreshing scent. It is just enough to smell it for few hours, but not too heady. A mix of lemon scent, rosemary, bay leaf and a little touch of lavender essential oils. The essential oil make the smell pure and not sweet. Which for me, means I won’t get tired of it.

If you are not a lemon person, then you might not like it. But I mean, who does not like lemon??!!

My thought:

I am glad I gave this body oil a go! I won it on an awesome giveaway and happy I did!

It is a super lightweight, yet nourishing oil, that helps to hydrate the skin. You need a tiny amount each time and the smell is just nice and refreshing. Its composition is simple, natural, yet effective. It is non-sticky and does not stain clothes, so I am able to put clothes on just after application. I usually apply it at night after shower. My skin feels nourished, soft and smells so good.

You understood, I love it!

Merci cut.le.crap, I look forward to trying other products of your range!

I hope you enjoyed the review, and I hope I made you discover a small, handmade skincare brand that needs to be more talked about! If you are interested, then you can go to to learn more about the brand and discover their range.

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