10 easy ways to reduce waste

10 easy ways to reduce waste

Today we talk about some basic tips on how to do things a bit more the way they should be in how we can reduce our waste in plastic, water and other single use consumables. These basics should already been implemented in our everyday life, but I know it is not always easy to do so. There is a beginning to everything and if you are looking to help a little the planet but have no clue where to start, this is for you!

Also to mention, the below tips are the basics minimum that we can do. At the current stage of how we are dealing with our planet, there is more that needs to be done. I would say the most important thing is that we try as much we can and at the pace we can. The bigger impacts and big issues need to be dealt with by our Governments, but it is a tricky side subject that we can talk about later!

Each and every little step that we do as individual is really important. No one is perfect. If you can do some of the below tips but can’t implement others because of where you live, the condition you live in, money issue or anything else, that’s fine. The first big step is to be aware and thrive towards a better life style. You will see that all we talk below will actually not involve too much money, it will in the opposite save you some!

In the kitchen


Please please please. This is something everybody should have been educated for, and if I may say again, the real bare minimum. But I so often still notice cardboards put in black bins, and black plastics bags in the recycle ones. Litter everywhere in parkings. This is something that drives me nuts, you can’t believe how much! (I get about the same anger when someone throws away rubbish out of their car!). So please, make sure you recycle at home, in your local communities, anywhere you can! And if unsure of what to recycle or not, check your local council website, they are full of useful info!


And the answer on how to do so is planning. Plan your meals with what you already have in the fridge. Get exactly what you need in the grocery store. It will enable you using every single stuff you have and not discard in the bin! (And save money).


There are lots of lots of eco-tools out there for the kitchen, such as beeswax wrapping (instead of cling-film), bamboo or metal straws (who needs a straw really, I can drink with my mouth!), jute scrubbing cloths, metal or glass containers, reusable silicone zip bags….! I have had a lot of coconut oil coming in glass jars. I kept all of them to put other condiments and food in it!


If you can shop at your local farmer market to get fruits and veggies (plastic free obviously) then try to. When I can’t go to these markets, I go with my reusable little bags to normal supermarket. I try to get as many fruits and vegetables that are not in plastic to put in my bags. Also, if you live near a zero-waste shop, then have a look, you will find wonderful things then refillable! It will be better quality because wholefood, and very often organic.


This is the obvious one and I see more and more people with their own reusable coffee cups and water bottles. And this is great! If you don’t have money to buy a reusable water bottle, a big tall tomato jar will be enough and will just do the job. I heard that making reusable metal water bottles is not that good for environment and it takes something like 500 usages to be able to balance back the plastic bottles making. But I think it still way better than getting so many plastic bottles.

In the bathroom


Alright, another very easy way of wasting a little less in plastic containers is getting a natural and cold pressed soap!

We have so, so much choices when it comes to soaps, that are cheap and last for ages! You have another chance here to support local businesses because there are lots and lots of soap makers out there! By doing so, we ensure that the soaps are made in the best way possible. Very often with natural and organic ingredients and in traditional methods. If you live in UK, I really recommend Bean and Boy soaps (http://beanandboy.com/). They have soft, fantastic and long lasting soaps! Another local brand to me is Zero Waste Path (https://zerowastepathshop.com/). Bianca does nice and nourishing soaps, and she deserves so much to be known! They have deodorants, solid body lotions and oils and make so much effort in reducing their plastic waste.


Last year, I was trying to go a little be more plastic free in my bathroom and I wanted to try a solid shampoo. Looking at the ingredients of some of them, I was not convinced that they would make any effect on my greasy hair (I am little bit crazy when it comes to ingredients in shampoos). Then one day, I saw a French Youtuber making her own shampoo. I thought I could do the same, but better! Just needed the right ingredients for my hair type, a little bit of cooking and hop! I got my shampoo and am pleased with it. If you want to try, go and check my recipe here: http://www.rendezvousgreen.com/2018/11/04/shampoo-bar-recipe/).

There are more and more solid cosmetics coming out there these days. From Body lotions to solid conditioners, it’s great to see this kind of products coming out!

Few brands that I really want to try and I 100% trust:

  • Natural Wisdom Spa, English Artisan made Brand, has solid shampoos, conditioners and cleanse bar, check HERE
  • Lamazuna is a French Brand that is getting more and more available here in the UK. Their newest launch is a solid cleanser bar! They also have solid shampoo. They are available on few websites (check at the bottom of the post!)
  • Georganics is a natural and zero waste oracle care brand. They just brought a solid toothpaste that lasts for 6 months! They also have toothpaste in glass jars and bamboo toothbrushes that are great alternative to plastic ones ! (HERE is their website)
  • Three Hills Soap (https://www.threehillssoap.ie/) are an Irish brand who make solid shampoos, conditioners, soaps and natural deodorants!

If you have seen one of my latest Instagram post, I talked about my reusable cotton pads and how easy it is to switch to these. I have not bought any single use cottons since a long time now and I don’t regret it! They just are part of my routine, getting washed with the rest of my laundry and used daily. One pack of 10 cottons will last for few years and it actually saved me money as well as all this waste.


I think we get two different types of people here. The ones that say “of course I stop the water when I shower, what a waste otherwise. It is much easier to apply my soap as well!” and the ones who say “the water is running through the whole time, why what’s wrong?”.

In the bedroom

Well, of course here, I have to touch on fashion. And the guilty one being the fast fashion.


I am going much much less into clothes shop and reduced a lot my purchases in fast fashion items. The latest items I bought bout a month ago were some clothes from Vildnis that is a British ethical and sustainable cloth brands. There are tons of Ethical brands such as People Tree, Komodo, Know the Origin… I always look out for good offers like I had for Vildnis (50% off everything and on sale items!) an this way I am able to buy a good cloth product for a better price.

Another thing to consider when you need a new item in your wardrobe, is to look in apps like Depop or Vinted. I find Vinted to be full of good offers, sometimes new clothes that don’t cost anything. Worth having a look instead of buying a new item in a shop!

What is interesting about these apps is that you can also have a go through your own clothes and get rid of what you don’t wear anymore! A great way to clear out stuff that might be new or worn few times but that you don’t want anymore!

Check it out

Few websites that are really worth checking and I really like are for example The Kind Store (click HERE), Peace with the Wild (click HERE) and Greener Habits (click HERE) or even Acala Online (click HERE). They have got lots of zero waste items for the kitchen, the bathroom and on the go. They got lots of tips and give you the best ways to reduce waste!

This was all for today’s tips! You may already implement all or some of these tips , or you may have discovered some, but I hope you liked reading and found it interesting!

As always, thank for reading!



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