Natural and Organic Mascaras – Reviews

Natural and Organic Mascaras – Reviews

Yeee let’s do another comparative post! Today I will share why it’s better to get a green natural mascara and which one I have been using since 2019.

Obviously opinion on mascaras is very personal, but I wanted to give my view hoping that it will help you decide get your own natural mascara!

Why natural mascaras are better than conventional mascaras

Ok I hear you coming here. Why would you swap to a natural mascara when they don’t give a nice volume, they don’t stay put all day, they smudge, they are not waterproof…

Well actually, they are just as good! Apart for the waterproof aspect that I have not found yet (I need to try the Ere Perez Waterproof mascara !!), all natural mascaras (when you find the right one for YOU), gives you a good volume, long lashes and most of them don’t smudge !

The conventional mascaras don’t contain very good ingredients and I personally don’t want to put some horrible substances directly into my eyes!

Parabens for example. They are not in the sense dangerous but absorbed in the organism they can give allergies, irritations, hormonal issues and such.

What horrible substances am I talking about?

Aluminium powder has been linked to cancer, allergies and neurotoxicity. Aluminium powder is used for colours in mascaras.

Paraffin, being essentially petroleum, therefore plastic, is no better ingredient for your skin. It clogs the pores bringing breakouts. Paraffin has also been linked to skin irritation and certain types of cancer.

Propylene Glycol, this is the guy we have heard about few years ago. It has a bad connotation and some controversies as some studies have shown that it is linked to cancers. PG is also derived from Petroleum, and can cause skin irritation and sensitisation.

There are all of sorts of bad guys but also synthetic stuff added to conventional makeup and skincare. Don’t take me wrong, a synthetic ingredient is in no way a dangerous thing for humans (depends which one obviously, see above), but I just find it is a shame to make synthetic materials when you just have natural ingredients that do the job just as well, already there for us. I find it much more satisfying when I get a natural mascara because I know there are good oils and good ingredients in it. It will do the makeup job as well as caring for my eyelashes.

Comparison of few green mascaras

In today’s post I will share 3 of the mascaras that I currently have. I will be adding more as I try more mascaras over the time. I only have two eyes so it will take a little while to get around all the possible green mascaras available. But I will get there eheh!

Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara

I originally got this mascara because yes, as the title says, I want volume! This is mostly what I look for when getting a mascara. However I find this brush to be too big. Is it because I have small eyes or because it’s easier to work with less product at a time? probably both.

I can tell you however that the Dr Hauschka Volume mascara has a big brush so I was not so pleased when I first started using it.

The first few months are a bit tricky as there is always too much product on the brush. But as the mascara dries over the time, it gets easier.

I am much more happy now that I used it for a while. The brush goes on well on the eyelashes and it is not too difficult even with the size of it. It gives a good volume without being super extra, but it is enough for me. It stays well during the day and is quite resistant to water (to some extend of course!)

How much?

The Dr Hauschka mascara comes in 8ml for Β£21 and is available on Naturisimo or Lovelula!

Couleur Caramel Volume Mascara

This mascara is an old guy that has been on the market for a while. It’s an oldy but a sure value!

With this one, after 3 months of use, there is still a lot of product that comes out of the brush. I still find it a bit messy to apply. I had the same mascara before that lasted me for about a year because there is so much substance in it!

Right now unfortunately, I find it difficult to use and I need to prepare my eyelashes before in order to get a good separation of the lashes. The brush is smaller than the Dr Hauschka one so it is a little bit easier to work with it. It gives a great black colour!

The problem I get with this one (and not the others) is that it does not stand watery eyes! Make sure you check yourself in the mirror if you cried or took rain…

How much?

This mascara comes at Β£18.75 and is available at Glow Organic shop (UK shop that ships around the World!)

Avril Le Mascara

The last one I wanted to show you for today is Le Mascara from the French Brand Avril.
For its price I think this is the best value for money that you will get in the green world! It separates the lashes well, lasts for about 6 months, does not flake and resists quite well against watery eyes. This is my second purchase! It’s like a quick and easy applicable mascara! You can put different layers to work from a natural look to more volume or dramatic look.

As said above, it lasts less time than the two other mascaras because it dries maybe a bit faster. So you may have to buy more often of this mascara.

It is however a simple yet nice and cheap natural mascara.

How much?

It costs just under Β£7 and is available in few different websites. You can get it in UK in the Cosnatural website!

That’s it for today’s post but I hope it gave you some ideas on which natural mascara to get! Let me know in the comments what is your favourite green mascara!

As always, thanks for reading!



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