A little Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

A little Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

Here comes Summer, probably my favourite season of all!

My birthday is in July, time seems to slow down, long days and towns less busy. It is nice and hot, dresses and gowns are up out!

And because supposedly Sun should come out too, Sunglasses are in need!

I thought it would be fun to share with you all the Ethical and Sustainable Sunglasses brands I discovered on internet over the past few years!

Ethical Sunglasses you said?

Yep, we always talk about ethical clothing, even ethical shoes and handbags. But what about sunglasses? It is as equally important that our sunglasses are made in the respect of the Environment, using noble materials and in fair conditions.

I think I also like the fact that I can support small and local brands that are worth it. You have so much choices when it comes to sunglasses! Let me show you some of my favourite ones!


Gobi is a brand I came across when visiting Amsterdam as it is an independent Dutch based Sunglasses company that stands out for the quality materials. They have a 25 steps fabrication process which is I think incredible (taking at least 2.5 months to realise one pair of sunglasses!)

The main material of their products is cellulose acetate.

Cellulose acetate is derived from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. It means no plastic, no petrol, and is good for the Environment!
They aim to create the most high quality cellulose acetate to bring your glasses the longest and strongest life possible!

Their models are unisex but the ones I tried were a perfect fit for my face! They are simple, go with every style, every fashion so you can use them for many years!

I particularly like the BONIN model in Ice Green and HEDIN in cracked pink.

BONIN in Ice Green
HEDIN in Cracked Pink

If you like GOBI style, check them out on this link: https://www.gobi-amsterdam.com/! I like the fresh and young look they bring out and I probably end up getting a pair next time I stop by in Amsterdam!


Palaeyewear ethos is all about sustainability and fairness. Their mission, protect the people and the planet, is at the heart of their work. Working with fair businesses practises, selecting the best partnerships and using best material such as recycled plastic for the glasses cases, I think Palaeyewear mission is doing great!

Pala is directly involved in helping people in Africa getting access to eyecare, through construction of vision centres or helping purchase all the necessary equipments for eye tests and correct glasses. Every pair of sunglasses purchased enable a person in need to get a pair of spectacles! I think this is an amazing initiative!

Another amazing initiative from Palaeyewear is that for each pair of sunglasses bought, they commit to offset Β£1 of Co2 used for the delivery of your sunglasses!

Pala has got an amazing of different shapes, colours sunglasses and I am a fan of few of them!

Look at this beautiful FARAI Flamingo Crystal sunglasses, like wahou!
Another beautiful favourite pair that I just find so perfect are the AMARA in grey tortoiseshell!

Monokel Eyewear

Monokel Eyewear is based in Stockholm and all their sunglasses are sustainable, made in Sweden and unisex. I possess myself the model Cleo in blue tortoiseshell for few years now and is the most unique sunglasses I ever own. I love them still now!

The Monokel Sunglasses frames are made of based plant acetate, with the particularity of using recycle acetate for all their black frames!

They hand made their frames with a process taking up to three months!

Their simple, yet fresh and elegant styles go for everybody ! The Cleo model I got 2 years ago is not available in this particular colour anymore but they propose a lot of colour and shapes! I find these sunglasses to be a bit bigger than the Gobi ones, so I loose them a little bit.

These are the model Rio and look how gorgeous those lenses are!

Mosevic Eyewear

Mosevic sunglasses are from a different kind, unique in their own way and so fashionable! The up-cycled denim used for making the frame of their sunglasses comes from fast fashion waste.

They also have a very unique process of making, where they layer denim pieces, mixing it with resin that then gets pressed in mould, cut with computer machine to get the iconic denim frame.

The frames and lenses get assembled by hand in UK to make a beautiful pair of sunglasses. They come at a bit higher price (Β£150) but if you are a fan of denim, these glasses are made for you! They have few models of different shapes and colour (black or denim blue) and this Kepler glasses are my favourite of them : https://mosevic.com/collections/shades-of-denim/products/shades-of-denim-kepler !

Dick Moby

Here is another brand from Netherlands!

Dick Moby high points are that they use recycled metal, recycled PET for their leather cases, recycled acetate (for their black frames) and they use bio-based acetate! They do sunglasses but also eyeglasses! Yep!!

The bio-based acetate is a ecofriendly, oil free, made from wood pulps! This acetate biodegrades in 115 days in compost soil! Say what!

Check their website for all the details regarding the materials they use and how they stand in terms of pollution, environment impacts compared to normal materials, it looks pretty awesome!

They have gorgeous designs and colours for men and women. Here are few of my favourites:

Model Paris
Model Valencia

You can find all Dick Moby range here: https://www.dick-moby.com/.

That’s it for now, but I am sure I will add more ethical sunglasses brands here as I don’t know all the brands around Europe, and I am sure there will be more and more of those ethical brands! This is the way forward!

I hope you discovered nice little sunglasses, and if you thought of getting a new pair or offering one, I would go closed eyes on these brands!

As usual and as always, thanks for reading!



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