Brand Focus #1 – Nui Cosmetics

Brand Focus #1 – Nui Cosmetics

It is always fun and informative to show natural products, swatches and reviews…but I don’t think we spend enough time talking about the actual Beauty Brands as a whole and who are the people behind it! I decided to create a series of posts where I will share my love for the brand and tell you why!

We obviously start straight ahead with one of my favourite brand, Nui Cosmetics! I have some love for Nui Cosmetics for quite some tie and they never stop surprising me!

The Brand

Nui Cosmetics is a Berlin based makeup company, vegan and organic. I would say it’s one of the few brand that is not kidding about being organic as their products contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients!

Nui Cosmetics is born few years ago and has developed many products in their range since. The quality is excellent with all different types of texture from milky to silky with a great staying powder.

Nui Cosmetics latest launch and new packaging

Nui Cosmetics cares for our skin but also for the environment. They just launched new makeup powder products in an amazing shiny zero plastic packaging, recyclable and compostable, water-based, solvant-free and climate-neutral. Yes you get it, everything has been thought through! The packaging is made in Germany from sustainable managed forest stands. Each powder is contained in a metal tin packed in the paper packaging.

I love that Nui Cosmetics went for this packaging for their latest launch and I hope lots of brands will think about using more sustainable packaging as today more than ever is the way forward!

Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand is a Female Founder, the lovely Swantje van Uehm.

When she realised it was difficult to find an organic and vegan red lipstick on the market, she decided to create her own and that’s how Nui Cosmetics was born!

Swantje has had lots of experience in the Cosmetic Industry and there is no wonder why the formulation of her products is just about right. She has made lipstick and blush colours that are fresh, lively and young, and that is also why I love the brand!

She is also the founder of a very well known Organic and Beauty European shop called SAVUE, which features lots of clean beauty products, luxury brands!

The Product Range

Nui Cosmetics has a minimalist yet effective and beautiful range of liquid foundations, cream concealers, lipsticks, cream and powder blushes, pressed eyeshadow, bronzers and highlighter. They are high quality products and have clean and simple formulation. Their vanilla smell signature is also a delight for the senses and I love opening the products every time I use them!

They also thought about all different skin tones with a lot of shades in their foundation and concealer range. It should suit any skin tone!

Few of my favourites products:

Their lipsticks: the texture of their lipsticks is creamy and silky and some are also matte! The range of colour is just for everyone and every look

Their cream blushes: they are creamy but once applied they turned more powdery and they have an amazing staying power! You can use them on the cheeks, eyes and also lips.

Their concealers: I love the packaging of their concealers as it contains a little mirror that I find so handy! It is one of the most high coverage concealer I tried so far. It stays on well during the day, considering it is a cream concealer!

To have a look at their products, check the link HERE.

I hope you liked this little post focused on the brand Nui Cosmetics! If you did not know this brand yet, I hope it gave you a little insight and that you will love their products as much as I do!

As always, thanks for reading!



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